Caron 'Caz' MargareteYour Third Hand Services is the hug-child of Caron ‘Caz’ Margarete.

It was born from a chance conversation in NAB Village, a coworking space in Melbourne, with other members who saw in Caz an opportunity to utilise the plethora of administration skills that she has.

Caz wasn’t looking to start her own business. She was simply networking in the hope it would lead to a new job. One conversation lead to another and suddenly she found herself having to answer the question, “Do you have an ABN?”

Upon applying for an ABN, Caz recalled the precise moment she had to stop and draw a line in the sand of her future. ‘If I do this,’ she thought, ‘there’s no going back, there’s no more job hunting. Create a business or starve trying.’

Caz needn’t have worried. Friends became mentors who championed her success. It was from the other members and trial ‘n’ error that her services were fine-tuned, the business name was developed and marketing became refined.

Caz has a strong background in administration, with more than ten years in temporary recruitment roles across Melbourne and Brisbane. She also a solid foundation in customer service & user experience design; project & event management; sales, marketing and communication; training & development; bookkeeping and debtor reconciliation; and journalism. Caz has obtained a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

At the core of who Caz is are her values:

  • Authenticity;
  • Gratitude;
  • Clear communication;
  • Connection;
  • Intelligent risk; and,
  • Growth.

Caz’s ethos is unique. Caz will hug you on hello. Literally.

If she cannot trust you to put your heart against her own, to connect the pure essence of who you are with who she is, Caz will not work with you. She will know that you will never place your complete trust in her to fulfill what your innermost needs are, especially when it comes to our accountability facilitation service.

It is this strength of integrity in business that has enabled Caz to grow Your Third Hand Services. The remainder of Caz’s team come from people of like-minded professional ethics. Caz partners with sole traders and other small businesses to achieve her clients goals. With complete transparency at all times as to who is working on what task, Caz trusts in the communication of her team and her clients to always ensure everyone’s needs are met.


Want to get to know Caz?

Awesome. Contact Caz and tell her something you’re grateful for today.