Accountability Facilitation

Sometimes, we just need support from someone else to motivate us to achieve our goals. Someone who is not in your day-to-day life or business, someone who isn’t working on your business either. Someone who cares about you and wants to see you achieve great results but who isn’t a friend or family member. Someone you cannot influence.

We need someone external to our every day world to give us a nudge in the right direction, to cheer us along, and to tell us the truths we’re not able to identify in ourselves.

This person is an Accountability Facilitator. They facilitate the action you need to apply towards achieving your strategies and goals.

Our Accountability Facilitator, Caz, will hold you accountable to achieve the tasks and milestones  you build together. Caz will use communication techniques to identify the false truths – those lies masked as truths which are really just bullshit excuses not to work hard or succeed – you’re telling yourself and will support you through each stage of progress as you work towards your end goals.

I Want to be Held Accountable


What is Accountability Facilitation, and how is it different to Mentoring or standard Business Coaching?

Mentoring is very different to coaching. Mentoring is usually not paid, although it certainly can be. It’s a relationship you form with someone smarter or more experienced in an area of business or life that you’d like to improve. It’s usually not a formal arrangement and is often a phone or in person conversation without specific goals or outcomes.

We can have many mentors, as our podcast, Your Third Voice, discusses in regular interviews. Mentors might be senior managers we work for, professional associates, books & magazines, podcasts, webinars, seminars or conferences, videos, etc. A mentor guides the choices and decisions we make as we progress through life, they may offer advice as well, but their primary role is not to push you. They’re a fantastic resource for information. It’s ideal to have many mentors over the course of your life.

Business Coaching looks at your business’ health and works with you to develop strategies to better manage and grow your business. There is also a number of other types of coaching too, like career coaching, life coaching or results coaching with Caz.

A Business Coach can also take in to consideration who you are as a professional and what your career trajectory is likely to be. They work with you to build strategies to achieve goals and aspirations, to create long term plans and to assist you to implement them.

Accountability Facilitation is putting into action the strategies you’ve built with a coach or mentor. While Caz can, and often does, help you to build the strategy for your personal career and business goals through her results coaching service, the magic of her accountability facilitation is in what comes after you have the strategies and plans outlined.

The program is straight-forward. After you’ve done the hard work of scoping out the strategies, Caz will help you to break them into milestones and tasks over a nominated period of time. Caz takes in to consideration what the rest of your life is like and uses diary management and scheduling to support you to find the time to work on your tasks.

Because most strategies are long term, the program is broken down over quarters, months and weeks. Each month you will have a 60-90 minute in-person meeting, call or skype session and each week you’ll have a quick 30 minute call with Caz to check in on the nominated tasks you managed to complete that week. Caz also uses Trello to organise your Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) and to set your weekly tasks so you see the progress you’re making as you make it.

A good strategy will challenge you and push you outside of your comfort zone. It’s likely you’ll need to learn new skills and do things differently. You may already know what businesses, services or learning facilities you want to use, if not, Caz will be there to help find the best services to use to complete each milestone.

Caz won’t coddle you but she does understand the pressures of our roller coaster lives. The most important aspect of being held accountable is in feeling challenged to work hard and rewarded by having someone champion your successes.


Why is it important to be held accountable?

Accountability is the hidden ingredient to motivation. Often when we start on new projects, like an health regime or new diet for example, we go gung-ho and soon lose our original energy. This is because unless we have a cheer-squad who will see the small achievements and be happy for us we don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere. It’s not long until we’re back on the couch with a bowl of popcorn.

Additionally, it can be very difficult to step away and get a bird’s eye view of the entire project when we’re in the middle of it. An Accountability Facilitator does this for you so that you don’t need to worry about whether you’re making headway so long as you keep ticking tasks off the list and celebrating the milestones you accomplish.

Your facilitator will help you celebrate and show you the wins your achieving!

I Need to be Held Accountable


What makes Caz good at what she does?

Accountability facilitation is a service Caz is uniquely qualified to offer because of her uncanny ability to see you as you really are, to dig deep, and to cut the BS.

While Caz has a broad range of skills and qualifications, it’s actually Caz’s approach to working with clients that makes her stand out. She starts with the connection of heart and shared values. Without the ability to hug on hello – literally putting your heart against hers and being prepared to connect on an honest, authentic level – Caz cannot work with you. She values connection and communication above all else.

When you achieve a milestone, Caz makes you feel like you’ve won a marathon. She’ll high five, hug, jiggy dance and be her bubbly, excited self because she lives and breathes the success she helps others achieve.

That’s why you work so hard for her. She’s your biggest fan!


What kind of things can I expect to learn? Does Caz have tools & techniques?

For starters, you’ll learn stacks about yourself and what you’re really capable of. And you’ll see real and tangible results. Caz does have a long list of tools and techniques to apply to your accountability experience.

Caz is an avid student of life and applies all she learns from books, seminars and courses to herself first. Caz has been applying this self-analysis approach since she was a young child. There is no one who better understands how hard it is to change behaviour and achieve goals. In fact, she openly declares that she’ll never be finished.

And neither will you.


Where do I sign up to be held accountable?

High five to your bravado! Click here:                                      Caz Hold Me Accountable Already!


Valuable! This is time focused for me! I get to clarify, to track and to direct energies and efforts towards my goals. It frees up a lot of mental space and I’m not scattered.

Respectful! Caz works with me like a grown up. There’s no shame, no pressure if things don’t go specifically to plan. That’s just life. Instead, we re-evaluate, we try a different approach, we turn it into something manageable. She’s good like that, upfront and punctual.

Resourceful! Wondering which platform/options/programs to use? Caz has got you covered. The networks appropriately shared are all based on empowerment, growth, heart and integrity.

Encouraging! Caz is my cheer squad minus the pom poms 😉 Her routine is slick and sharp. She is the loving guidance of my conscious nudging me along, reminding me I can.

Kym McCabe,