Business Foundation Review

Are you thinking of starting a new business either alone or with partners? Or, have you already got the ball rolling but would like to check in to make sure your on the right track for the right reasons with the right people?

A Business Foundation Review will do just that, review your business and its foundation in depth to get you thinking about all the components of your business – not the departments/divisions or even the services but the over-aching motivation for why you’re in business and what you want to achieve.

This review is not for the faint of heart!


If you don’t review my business divisions or services then what do you review?

We review you and your business partners. YOU. Who you are, who they are and how you came together and whether or not you’re all in this business for the same (mutually agreeable) reasons.

In a workshop (it usually takes half a day depending on the number of business partners you have) we break down the who, what, where, why and how of you and your business partners using some pretty cool language tools.

By the end of the day, you’ll be guaranteed to be empty-brained from all the intense thinking but you’ll also be super charged towards your goals!


Do you work with start up’s in their incubation/ideation phase?

Yes, sometimes; usually no though. And this is why: Are you a Start Up or a New Business Starting Up?

To be blunt, most start up’s simply can’t afford our services. It’s not that we’re especially pricey, but we do put a dollar amount on our value and sadly, start up’s are looking to cut costs at every corner. We’re not in the business of justifying our worth so if you are a start up and you still want to engage our services be prepared to¬†woo us into why we should take you on.


How can I do the Business Foundation Review if I don’t live in Melbourne?

You can pay us to come to you.

Or, coming soon will be an online course that you can do any time. While we aim to have the same content, in our opinion it will not provide you the same value because you’ll lose the Accountability Facilitation that Caz brings to the workshops – and this no-BS radar is essential to your success in the review! If you’re interested in the online course, send your details to us via the Contact Caz link below.

I want to woo, tell me how!

Brilliant! Get ready to review by contacting Caz.