Project Management

Managing projects is hard work. It’s time-consuming and difficult to manage all the pieces of the project puzzle while still running your business. You want to focus on your business, but can’t because you’re always in your business.

Sometimes you just need someone else to do all the fiddly, time-consuming administrative coordination!


What does Project Management involve?

Let’s imagine you have a client that needs a lot of support with a new project but you are juggling a lot already. You want to give this client all of your focus but know that isn’t possible so you introduce them to us, we fulfill the project management role of your company – as your brand not as Your Third Hand so we appear as though we’re working in your business too.

We use your in-house, online, project management software to communicate all the components of the client’s project – from scoping out the project, building a schedule of milestones, coordinating team members and assigning them tasks to ensuring you remain on budget and on target.

We communicate with all the people involved to ensure everyone is across all components and we maintain the motivation momentum required when times get challenging (and they always do).


Can you also manage my in-house projects?

Absolutely. Another problem with working¬†in your business (which is perfect if that’s what you love and your clients require it) is that your business development doesn’t expand.

We can help you to build a strategy for growth, focusing on now, a year, five years or whatever milestones you need. We then scope out your strategy like a project and we help you manage it over the period of time it requires. We support you to meet each of the milestones with hands-on administrative coordination and our Accountability Facilitation service. Again, we can use your own project management software to support this process so there is complete transparency.


What do I do if I don’t have a project management software?

Never fear, we’re here again. We like to use Trello¬†for simple projects or Basecamp to manage large scale projects but you can also utilise our Systems services to find a project management tool perfect for your type of business and industry.


Great! How can I get a project rolling?

Easy! Contact Caz.