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The 3-2-1 of What You Do: I Sell Time

When Gary Vaynerchuk said, “The number one asset to everybody in the world is time, and if you can figure out how to buy & sell it back, that’s a big coup” in this video I watched this morning, I bolted upright in bed, re-positioned my breastfeeding baby boy and literally clapped my hands with excitement because, that, with Your Third Hand Services, is exactly what we do!

And when I say, ‘we’, I mean for now that’s me, myself, and my alter-ego’s.

As an element of my Business Foundation Review workshop I do a really cool exercise I learned from Jack Delosa at the 2014 The Entourage’s Unconvention conference. I don’t know what Jack calls it but I’ve called it, The 3-2-1 of What You Do.

Grab a piece of paper and answer these questions. And, just for shits ‘n’ giggles I’ll play along so you can see how this works.

1 – What do you do?

Chances are you’ve written your job title: CEO, administrative assistant, landscape gardener, whatever it is you are known by on your position description is usually what get’s answered here.

I am the Lead Shizzer of Your Third Hand Services – which makes no sense to anyone but me so let’s try that again. I am a consultant in business administration services. Soooo boring but pretty accurate.

2 – What is the outcome of what you do?

Here’s where it gets a bit heavier on the brain. So let’s break it down – what do you deliver to your clients/customers/stakeholders? What you deliver will be different for different people.

The outcome of being a biz admin consultant is that I support my clients to organise their administration to enable them to run their business more effectively. Meh. A bit wordy but it’s one of the outcomes of what I do.

Another would be, I use accountability tools to motivate my clients to obtain their business strategy milestones and goals.

3 – What is the effect of the outcome of what you do?

By now, you’re thinking, “damn, brain-pain! Make it stop!” Yep this is a challenge because now we’re looking for the emotional experience the client/customer/stakeholder gets from the outcome of what you do. Ouch.

This isn’t about you it’s about them. And, most importantly, it’s about how you make them feel. People don’t buy with intelligence alone, they buy with their emotions. Every single time. How does this thing make you feel? Boo-ya! 

And here’s how Gary’s quote above nailed it for me.

I used to say, “I free my clients from the burden of their business administration.” And that’s true I do. But I do something far simpler and yet much harder to achieve – I give my clients back their time. I free them up to focus on what’s actually important and then I help them achieve those things. This is why I’m not a business coach, I’m not on the sidelines screaming at you, I’m in the thick of it with you.

These questions are a technique for networking used when you introduce yourself to new people. Most people will answer the question ‘what do you do?’ with the answer to #1 above. But that’s boring, a closed question and doesn’t elicit interest – even if your answer is, “I’m a rocket scientist.” Most folk will say something along the lines of “oh wow, that’s freakin’ cool” but then where do you go from there? It’s an enormous job title but it’s doesn’t give you a true indication of what that role entails. Take this video, ok it’s an Under Armour advert, of Michael Phelps – sure he’s a professional athlete, that’s his title, but that’s not what he does for his fans. For them he sells aspirations, dreams and goals and in this instance, sportswear.

Jack’s advice is to answer this question backwards: 3-2-1. Emotion; Outcome; Do.

Now, depending on who I’m talking to and what part of my business I want to advertise I will change my response:

1 – I free up my clients time by supporting them to make their administration more efficient. I am a business administration consultant with Your Third Hand Services.

2 – I give my clients back their time by supporting them to improve their business operations …

3 – I sell time so my clients can focus on their business strategies and personal aspirations …

I could go on with so many variations of the same theme – the point is, I sell you your time. I do what you shouldn’t be doing so you can do what you should be doing.

As Gary says you should be, “f’n’ hustling!”

So, 3-2-1 What do you do?

Your Lead Shizzer signing off,

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