Your Third Hand Services is comprised of five primary services for small to medium sized businesses.

Results Coaching

Our results coaching service is a program for taking your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (what your Inner Mentor really really realllllyyyy wants) and making it achievable by creating a very clear outline of how you define your goal, what your purpose or the goal’s purpose is, and from that you craft your vision and mission to achieve it.

You will be challenged to think big and if its not big enough you’ll be pushed to expand your mind to its outer limits and help you to appreciate just how valuable a resource you are to your world.

I Have a Goal my Inner Mentor Wants


Accountability Facilitation

An affiliated service to our results coaching service that works with business owners and individuals to hold them accountable to their goals and career & business aspirations through regular check-ins, task-orientated plans and focused strategies.

I Want to be Held Accountable


Business Foundation Review

Review your business’ foundation (including your relationships with partners) in depth to get you thinking about all the components of your business – not the departments/divisions or services but the over-arching motivation for why you’re in business and what you want to achieve.

I Need to Know I'm on Solid Ground


Project Management

Managing projects is hard work. It’s time-consuming and difficult to manage all the pieces of the project puzzle while still running your business. You want to focus on your business, but can’t because you’re always in your business. We help keep you focused, organised and on budget.

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Working with the business owners, we dig deep into how you manage and operate your business and what tools you currently use or need to use. We design the most time & cost efficient system that ticks all the boxes you need to get your work done.

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